Monday, September 24, 2007

A New Bike for the Mrs!

I got a nice little bonus from my company, so decided to use it to get my wife a road bike. She has been riding a Raleigh mountain bike for a year or so, and was even taking part in some rides/triathlons with it too! Last Saturday, she and her riding buddy rode 47 miles on their mountain bikes, so I knew it was time to get her on a road bike.

We shopped around and came across a very nice Bianchi Eros. It had a steel frame (kinda heavy but she was okay with it0, carbon forks, decent gear set and was generally a sound bike. She loved it after the first test ride! So, we got quite a good deal on it (saved about $300) and she is now a Bianchi owner, just like moi!

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